About Globalbike

We Support globalbike – the non-profit organization

The Globalbike Wipes Elite Cycling Team”s main function is to market and support globalbike, a grassroots non-profit that uses the transformative power of bicycles to create change in the developing world. Check out this amazing cause here. The Athletix Cycling Team will be raising money throughout the season to provide bicycles to people who would otherwise walk to perform critical functions such as delivering HIV/AIDS medication in Zambia. On a bike, these people can travel 3x farther, carry 5x as much and see 3x the number of people.

In addition to raising money directly for globalbike, the team has sent some of its racers in 2011 and in 2012 to aid globalbike representatives on two international trips that have supplied over 200 bicycles in Kenya and Tanzania. Check out more about these trips on the Ride Climb Transform blog page.